Santa Clara County HazMat & Waste Inspection

Posted 8:47 AM, September 8, 2008, by yemoto

Are you ready for the Santa Clara County (SCC) Hazardous Materials and Waste Inspection?

Santa Clara County will start routine Hazardous Materials and Waste inspections on Tuesday, September 16th on the Stanford campus. The County will not notify us on which building will be inspected until the morning of the inspection. So...labs need to prepared at all times!

1. INFORMATIONAL MEETINGS - The University EHS office will provide instructions on how to prepare your lab for the upcoming inspection. Have a research team member attend one of four informational sessions.

2. PREVIOUS DEFICIENCIES - Review the previously cited items and make sure that they have been corrected. During the 2008 inspection they will likely check for repeat violations in areas cited during previous inspections.

3. CHECK CHEMICAL USE AND STORAGE LOCATIONS - for similar deficiencies or any new potential violations and make necessary corrections. Use the Lab Compliance Cheat Sheet and 2008 SC County Inspection Preparation Info as a guide.

4. ADDITIONAL INFORMATION AND INSPECTION UPDATES are available on the Health and Safety Programs or University Environmental Health and Safety Website.

Please feel free to contact your Compliance Assistance Program team member or the SOM Health and Safety Programs Office for additional information or assistance.

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