Emergency Preparedness for Laboratories - Weekly Tip
SoM Basic Emergency Procedures

Posted 5:45 PM, June 17, 2008, by lmjohnso

This week's emergency preparedness tip for laboratories focuses on basic emergency procedures for the School of Medicine.

As part of the Q2 Self Inspection, we are requesting that laboratory managers spend 5 to 10 minutes reviewing emergency procedures with their personnel. The Health and Safety Programs Office has developed general emergency procedures (flow charts) that are included with all Department Emergency Plans. By providing this information to your personnel, you are able to check the 'yes' box for question #22 of the Q2 Self Inspection Checklist.

The Emergency Flow Charts cover emergencies such as fires, medical emergencies, power outages, earthquakes, hazardous materials spills, etc. Please print these flow charts out and post them in your laboratory. Also, verify that all personnel are aware of these procedures and can access them during emergencies.

In addition, we encourage departments to have specific emergency procedures when warrented. If your department, division or laboratory has its own procedures, verify that personnel understand these procedures and can active them without trouble.

For any additional information, please contact Lisa M. Johnson at 650-721-6269 or at lisa.johnson@stanford.edu.

Thank you for your continued support of Emergency Preparedness at the School of Medicine! Next week's tip will provide tips for electronic and hard copy data preservation.

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