Emergency Preparedness for Laboratories -
Sensitive Information in Your Emergency Plan

Posted 4:25 PM, June 19, 2008, by lmjohnso

The Health and Safety Programs Office received an excellent question today regarding who should have access to sensitive information contained in your department's emergency plan. Since this quarter's topic for the Self Inspection is Emergency Preparedness for Laboratories, we wanted to provide clarification on what information should be provided to all personnel.

The online portion of your department's emergency plan should only be available to those with key emergency preparedness and/or response functions. Chairs, DFAs, Emergency Coordinators and other selected personnel should know your department's unique password to the online portion of the emergency plan. That said, all personnel should be aware of the general contents of the plan. Basic emergency procedures, floor plans, SoM overview information and emergency checklists are non-sensitive items that you can provide. Most of this information is available on the Health and Safety Programs Office website at http://med.stanford.edu/somsafety/emerprep.html.

For any additional information, please contact Lisa M. Johnson at 650-721-6269 or at lisa.johnson@stanford.edu.

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