Emergency Preparedness for Laboratories - Weekly Tip
Evacuation and Emergency Assembly Points

Posted 6:06 PM, June 9, 2008, by lmjohnso

Continuing our blog to assist laboratories in completing the Q2 Self Inspection Checklist, this week's tip is regarding Evacuation and Emergency Assembly Points.

Personnel (regardless of if they work in a laboratory or not) should be familiar with Stanford University Evacuation Procedures. This quarter during your self-inspection checklist, verify that all lab staff members are familiar with the following:

  • Appropriate Emergency Number to call for help
    • School of Medicine Buildings - Call 286
    • Stanford Hospital, Clinics and LPCH Buildings - Call 211
    • Payphones, cell phones, on- an off campus - Call 911

  • Location of the fire alarm pull box

  • Location of ALL emergency exits from the building

  • Location of your building's assigned Emergency Assembly Point (EAP)

  • Individual's responsibilities during evacuations

The Health and Safety Programs Office recommends providing staff with a 10 minute refresher training on these procedures. If needed, a fire drill can be scheduled for your building.

For any additional information, please contact Lisa M. Johnson at 650-721-6269 or at lisa.johnson@stanford.edu.

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