Quarter 2 2008 Self-Inspection:
Emergency Planning for Laboratories

Posted 5:57 AM, May 31, 2008, by yemoto

The health and safety topic for all laboratory research staff in the School of Medicine to review this quarter is EMERGENCY PLANNING FOR LABORATORIES. Please complete the Self-Inspection process for this quarter by June 30, 2008.

Emergency planning is essential to any organization. It increases our ability to effectively respond to and recovery from a myriad of emergencies including earthquakes, fires, floods, infectious disease outbreaks, power outages, etc. Within the School of Medicine, emergency planning needs to occur at all organizational levels (school-wide, department, division and laboratory). By preparing at all levels, the School of Medicine's resiliency during and after emergencies is enhanced.

Training on emergency procedures is a key component to laboratory preparedness. All laboratory personnel should be aware of basic emergency procedures (such as evacuation and emergency notification) contained within each department's emergency plan. An effective emergency plan is not a 'shelf warmer'. It is a document known and understood by all personnel in the organization.

Use this opportunity to determine, if your laboratory personnel know the basic information contained in your department's emergency plan. Do they know who to call in case of emergency? Do they know where your Emergency Assembly Point is located? Do they know how to shut down important equipment or what to do with valuable specimens? Training and awareness among all personnel is key to continuing our important mission after a major emergency.


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