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In general, PI’s and lab occupants are responsible for packing their own labs. Movers generally provide all boxes, packing materials, labels, etc., although in some cases, movers may also do some packing as specified by the Project Manager or Department. Once packed, these boxes will be moved by the professional mover, with the exception of hazardous materials.  It is recommended that the move team consider using professional chemical handling companies for packing and transporting chemicals.

A note to those moving off campus:  transportation of radiological, chemical, or biological agents, including dry ice, are subject to detailed state and federal shipping requirements for which the person offering the material for shipment, or carrying the material, is personally liable.  Failure to comply with these rules can result in substantial civil and criminal penalties for the individual. EH&S provides classes for individuals offering radiological, chemical, or biological materials, including dry ice, for shipment.


A note to those moving Controlled Substances:  It is the responsibility of PIs and individuals registered with the University’s Controlled Substances Program, or directly with the DEA to comply with all aspects of those programs as part of the lab closure or move.

All storage guidelines and codes must be followed during the move.  Remember:

Transporting Chemicals: The requirements for transporting chemicals is similar to storing them.  Containers need to be in good condition and tightly sealed, materials kept in compatible groups according the Stanford Storage Group guidelines, adequate secondary containment provided, and necessary protective equipment such as lab coat, safety glasses, and appropriate gloves used during their handling, packing, and transportation.

Gas Cylinders: DO NOT move gas cylinders.  Make arrangements with vendors to deliver all necessary gas cylinders to the new building prior to start of move and reclaim old cylinders from the old location at the appropriate time during the move/reactivation.

Transporting Radioactive Material: Radioisotopes must be packed and transported by designated lab personnel. A professional mover is not allowed to carry these materials.

Transporting Biohazards: Lab users are responsible for ensuring all work surfaces and equipment where biohazardous agents have been used are appropriately disinfected. Biohazardous materials will be moved by lab personnel ONLY.

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