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Self-Inspection Topic for Quarter 4, 2011
Inspection Reminders and Updates

The quarterly topic for Quarter 4, 2011 will focus on Inspection Reminders and Updates. Self-Inspections forms for this quarter need to be completed and returned to your Departmental Health and Safety Contact by January 6, 2012. Quarter 4 2010 Self Inspection Checklist - pdf document Quarter 4 2010 Self Inspection Checklist -MS Word

ChemTracker Activity Report ChemTracker Activity Report - Make sure to include all rooms reporting a chemical inventory as part of your self-inspection and the department code for your PI is correct!

WASTEWATER INSPECTIONS are conducted by the City of Palo Alto in School of Medicine buildings with research laboratories. Even if a building walk-through is not performed in every building, a sample of wastewater is periodically obtained by the City and also by Stanford to make sure that non-sewerable materials are not being desposed of down the drain.

Information on Wastewater Discharge Related to Research Activities is available online. Here are a few items noted this year during building walk-throughs by the City of Palo Alto:

  1. Mercury thermometers - New buildings on campus are mercury-free facilities. Replace old mercury thermometers with non-mercury alternatives at no cost!
  2. Water Aspirator

  3. Water aspirators - RWQCP requires that water aspiration devices be removed from water faucets. This is an old method used to create a vacuum where water needs to be run at full blast to create a good vacuum. If used to aspirate volatile solvents, the vapors can be entrained into the water stream and down the drain.
  4. Chemical Storage
    • Remove chemical containers located above sinks
    • Use secondary containment for small squirt bottles or containers filled with bleach or 70% ethanol if stored near sinks.
  5. Full chemical names - Write out the full name as stated on the "stock" container when transfering solutions to "working" reagent containers. (i.e Use "ethanol" or "ethyl alcohol" and not EtOH; "Hydrocholoric Acid" not HCl).


LAB COORDINATOR TRAINING is available on Thursdays from 12-1 in MSOB X181 on 12/8, 12/15, 1/5, 1/12, 1/19, 1/26. Contact Roger Lu ( to reserve a spot in one of the group training sessions.

REMINDER ON REQUIRED TRAINING MODULES - ALL researchers working in "wet" laboratories need to complete the following online modules in STARS:

SELF-INSPECTIONS (Looking Ahead....) - In 2012, Self-Inspection checklists will be available as online forms. We will start with the Self-Inspection Summary Forms completed by Department-level Health and Safety Contacts and eventually will have inspection checklists available online.

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