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Self-Inspection Topic for Quarter 4, 2006
Verifying Regulatory Citation Correction

The quarterly topic for Quarter 4, 2006 is Verifying Regulatory Citation Correction. In addition to the standard questions, we've compiled a list of items noted by various agencies during the year; labs will check that the cited items have been corrected as part of their self-inspection for this quarter. Department contacts have been sent special inspection forms (2006 Violation Checklist), with violations cited this year for each laboratory.

In 2006, the following items were the most frequently cited items:

The 2006 Violation Checklist is a personalized list of violations noted during the year by SC County, the Stanford Fire Marshal's Office or Palo Alto Fire Department for your department. Agencies identify violations by rooms #s on the inspection report. Our office has matched building/room numbers with Dept/PI information from ChemTracker (Chemical Owner) or iSpace (Primary Individual).

Checking that citations are corrected is the start to integrating compliance with research!

  1. The Quarter 4 Self-Inspection Checklist is a familiar set of questions on general safety and hazardous materials and waste management.
  2. Use the 2006 Violation Checklist of deficiencies noted by inspectors for your area during regulatory inspections as a guide. Many items are corrected during or shortly after the inspection; Please check that each item is still corrected...
  3. Document corrective action and share this information with others in you lab
  4. Raise the bar - adopt as a higher standard for good laboratory practice!

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