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Self-Inspection Topic for Quarter 3, 2012
Maintaining Updated Communication Lists

The quarterly topic for Quarter 3, 2012 is Maintaining Updated Communication LIsts. Updated contact information is used to send out health and safety-related communations and posted on Contact Information Forms in laboratory life safety boxes to identify key contacts quickly during laboratory site visits. Self-Inspections forms need to be completed by September 30, 2012.

There are three different inspection forms (Stanford University EHS forms):

  1. [ALL] General/Office Inspection Checklist Gencheck PDF Gencheck MS Word Version - For ALL work areas including labs and shops
  2. [LAB] Lab Inspection Checklist Lab Checklist PDF Gencheck MS Word Version - For labs areas only (At a minimum include all rooms reporting a chemical inventory).
  3. [SHOP] Shop Area Inspection Checklist Shop Checklist PDF - NEW for shops only
  4. [DEPARTMENT-LEVEL CONTACTS] Q3-12 Self-Inspection Summary Form ms word icon pdf icon - Complete and return ONE form to the Health and Safety Programs Office.


    KEY CONTACTS - The Health and Safety Programs Office (HSPO) will be contacting departments to confirm the names and contact information for:

    • [ALL] SOM Entities - The information for key departmental contacts was confirmed as part of the Department Emergency Plan Updates. (Chair, DFA, (ASM), HSC, Emergency, Training Coordinator, Director, etc.) In addition, we are adding key contacts for research laboratories and other areas storing or using chemicals. Department-level contacts will be asked to provide a list of PI-designated contacts as part of the current self-inspection requirement.
    • [LAB] PI designated Lab Contacts - Each PI should identify at least one individual designated as the "Lab Contact" or "Lab Coordinator" for his/her research team. The University EHS Safety and Compliance (SCA) Program team provides a one-on-one training covering lab operations.


    HEALTH AND SAFETY BRIEFINGS - [ALL] Don't forget to contact the Health and Safety Programs Offices to schedule briefings with New PIs. (Similar briefings are also available for new DFA's, Chairs, Health and Safety Contacts)



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