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Self-Inspection Topic for Quarter 2, 2012
More Inspection Reminders and Updates

The quarterly topic for Quarter 2, 2012 is a continuation of Inspection Reminders and Updates and is based on observations made during Medical Waste and Fire Safety Inspections conducted so far this year. Researchers need to follow safe and compliant lab practices at ALL times and not just at the time of regulatory inspections!

Labs need to complete Self-Inspections forms for this quarter by June 30, 2012. Quarter 2 2012 Self Inspection Checklist - pdf document Quarter 2 2012 Self Inspection Checklist -MS Word

Please remind lab research staff to dress appropriately when working in a laboratory. Open-toed shoes, sandals, or flip-flops are not considered appropriate attire when working with chemicals, research animals or in biosafety cabinets. Don't forget to also donn lab coats and eye protection!

Additional information was provided earlier as part of the Quarter 2, 2011 self-inspection topic on Safety Laboratory Attire, Work Practices and PPE.


    • CLOSE MEDICAL WASTE CONTAINERS: Medical waste secondary containers lined with red biohazard bags should only be OPEN when actively adding materials to container. Remember to CLOSE containers or replace container lids when leaving the work bench or biosafety cabinet.
    • SHARPS: Please remember to properly dispose of needles, razors, sharps containers!
    • Sharps contaminated with PHARMACEUTICALS need to be disposed of appropriately in PURPLE Daniels Sharps Containers.
    • Sharps contaminated with CHEMOTHERAPY agents needs to be disposed of as CHEMOTHERAPY WASTE in special yellow containers.
    • GENERAL SERVICES RESPONSE CENTER (GSRC): Call GSRC at 498-4400 for service requests; new or change in service; or special pick-up requests by SOM Housekeeping Services (24/7 for all onsite SOM Buildings including LKSC, SIM1 and CCSR)
    • One of the most common items noted during fire safety inspections this year are missing seismic restraints for freezers, refrigerators, cabinets, biosafety cabinets, other equipment.
    • Make sure to restrain items next to doors that can block exit path in a seismic event.
    • Check equipment that has been recently purchased or moved; or after service or maintenance to make sure the restraints are in place.
    • Submit SOM Engineering and Maintenance work request to have units restrained (Department/lab will need to provide a PTAO to charge for the service).

  3. WASTEWATER INSPECTION and CHEMTRACKER UPDATES were covered as part of the Quarter 4, 2011 self-inspection; please refer back to the information provided earlier as a refresher for additional items noted during regulatory inspections. ChemTracker attention in RED.
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