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Self-Inspection Topic for Quarter 2, 2010
How is Chemical Inventory Information Used?

The quarterly topic for Quarter 2, 2010 is How is Chemical Inventory information Used?. This is a follow up to information provided last quarter on Chemical Inventory and Life Safety Box Updates.

Labs need to complete Self-Inspections forms for this quarter by June 30, 2010. Quarter 2 2010 Self Inspection Checklist - pdf document Quarter 2 2010 Self Inspection Checklist -MS Word


Self-Inspection Instructions

ChemTracker Activity List Download latest ChemTracker Activity List

SOM Lab Contacts Survey

ChemTracker Website



The chemical inventory update is required on an annual basis where labs verify existing inventory and add new items or delete items that are no longer present from the online system. SOM Department -level contacts receive an email reminder about 45 days prior to the due date to allow sufficient time for labs to complete the process. The due dates are also posted on the Health and Safety Programs calendar.

It is a regulatory requirement to report chemicals stored and used on campus and Stanford policy for laboratories to use ChemTracker for tracking inventory. The University uses the data entered by labs to generate a variety of reports:


CHEMTRACKER ACTIVITY LIST includes all rooms reporting a chemical inventory as of 5/27/10 for review and download as an Excel spreadsheet format. ChemTracker Activity List.


LAB CONTACTS SURVEY - The Health and Safety Programs office is identifying lab contacts representing PIs in the School of Medicine who are reporting a chemical inventory. This is a secure site requiring a SUNet ID; some of the fields have already been filled in based on the SUNet ID entered.



Additional support documents for Health and Safety at Stanford and the School of Medicine, Stanford’s Injury and Illness Prevention Program (IIPP), Preventing Injury and Illness in the Workplace, Laboratory Safety-Related Topics and previous Self-Inspection Quarterly Topics are available online.

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