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Self-Inspection Topic for Quarter 2, 2008
Emergency Planning for Laboratories

The quarterly topic for Quarter 2, 2008 is Emergency Planning for Laboratories. For this quarter, labs and shop in the School of Medicine will use the Lab & Shop Inspection Checklist (Q2-08) Q208 Self Inspection Checklist.

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Is This Your Lab?

Inspection Message

In an effort to support the departments within the School of Medicine, the Health and Safety Programs Office has developed a template for Department Emergency Plans and an online database to update critical information needed in the plans. Included in the template for Department Emergency Plans are sections for

Also included are procedures for many different types of emergency situations.  These general emergency procedures were developed by the Health and Safety Programs Office and include step by step instructions for medical emergencies, fires, hazardous materials spills, radioactive materials spills, threatening person situations, earthquakes, bomb threats and electrical failure.  Individual departments and/or laboratories are encouraged to provide additional information specific to that organization.  It is imperative that faculty, staff and students are aware of the Department Emergency Plans and trained on the procedures contained within.

For more information regarding emergency preparedness, please visit the following websites.


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