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Self-Inspection Topic for Quarter 1, 2011
Locating Work Instructions for Lab Equipment and Common Lab Practices

The quarterly topic for Quarter 1, 2011 is Locating Work Instructions for Lab Equipment and Common Lab Practices. This is a follow up to the Q4-10 Biological Use Survey where labs identified high-risk operations in their work areas. There will be more information available next quarter on additional areas identified in the survey.

Labs need to complete Self-Inspections forms for this quarter by March 31, 2011. Quarter 1 2011 Self Inspection Checklist - pdf document Quarter 1 2011 Self Inspection Checklist -MS Word


  1. Biosafety Cabinets are the primary means of containment developed for working safely with infectious microorganisms. 58% of SOM labs use biosafety cabinets and identified BSL2+ work practices and working with human samples or cells as high risk operations.
  2. Biosafety Cabinet Use and Safety BSC Use and Safety - Use this document to provide training on the understanding, safety and use of Biosafety Cabinets. It is suggested that this document be used along with the below videos to provide BSC training.
Effective Use of Class II Biological Safety Cabinets Effective Use of Class II Biological Safety Cabinets
The Bad Laboratorian (a short video showing what not to do when working in a biological safety cabinet) Bad Laboratorian
Smoke and Particle Counter Demonstrations Smoke and Particle Counter


LABORATORY EQUIPMENT - Labs also felt that some lab equipment could be hazardous. Provided below are work instructions for some of the equipment commonly used in biomedical research labs.



  1. Review the list of rooms for your PI on the most recent copy of the ChemTracker Activity ListCT Activity List provided by your Department Health and Safety Contact. At a minimum include these rooms in your lab walk-through.
  2. Complete the questions for the Special Topic on page 2 of the Q1-2011 Self-Inspection Checklist.
  3. Complete page 1 of the Q1-2011 Self-Inspection Checklist AFTER walking-through your lab and other chemical storage locations.
  4. Make sure that any identified deficiencies are CORRECTED and corrective action is documented on the form!
  5. Return the completed from to your Department Health and Safety Contact by March 31, 2011.
  6. SHARE the results of the Self-Inspection and corrected action taken with your PI and ALL members of your lab.
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