Health & Safety Programs

IIPP Hazard Identification

Stanford takes a multifaceted approach to identifying hazards.  Hazardous materials are inventoried using the ChemTracker system, the radiological materials procurement process, and through the Institutional Biosafety Committee registration process.  Equipment or processes with special hazards are identified through building program processes to assure that proper facilities are provided, and most important, each of us as employees and members of the Stanford community are encouraged and expected to report safety concerns either through our departmental organizations or to the University’s Environmental Health and Safety or the School’s Health and Safety Programs office.

Additionally, various compliance and safety inspections and reviews occur regularly throughout the School and campus. 

Stanford University has a ‘non-reprisal’ policy in place to assure each of us that reporting safety concerns is not only accepted, but encouraged and expected.  The most important aspect of all of these processes and efforts is to realistically assess potential issues and correct them in a timely manor to assure all of our safety and health and minimize our impact on the surrounding environment.

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