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Sharps Waste Definition

A sharp is any item having corners, edges, or projections capable of cutting or piercing the skin. The following items (whether contaminated with biohazardous waste or not) are considered sharps and must be disposed in sharps containers and managed as sharps waste.

Broken glassware contaminated with biohazardous waste - Broken glassware is not considered a sharp unless it is contaminated with biohazardous waste.  Glassware with sharp edges or points contaminated with biohazardous waste must be disposed into a sharps container.

"Clean" Broken Glass - Use a broken glass box for clean broken glass disposal.

Chemically Contaminated Sharps should be contained in a tight sealing hard sided container and labeled and handled according to Stanford’s hazardous waste requirements.

Radiologically Contaminated Sharps should be contained in a disposable sharps container that is labeled and managed according to Stanford’s radiological waste requirements.

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