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Health and Safety Programs Office


  300 Pasteur
E.D. Stone - Alway Building, M222
Stanford, CA 94305
MC: 5116
 p: 650.723.0110
 f: 650.736.0179
  David H. Silberman
David Silberman Thumbnail Director Alway: M222A
 p: 650.723.6336
 c: 650.924.0962
  Kelli Nicholas  
David Silberman Thumbnail Health and Safety Specialist

Alway: M224
 p: 650.725.0664
 c: 650.714.4367

  Lisa M. Pelletier  
Lisa Johnson Thumbnail Emergency Preparedness & Training Specialist Alway: M224
 p: 650.721.6269
 c: 650.444.1570
  Karla Tomlin  
  Environmental & Compliance Specialist Alway: M230
 p: 650.725.7325
 c: 650.924.3369
  Cheryl Yemoto  
Cheryl Yemoto Thumbnail Biosafety, Compliance & Web Specialist Alway: M230
 p: 650.498.5238
 c: 650.444.9788

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