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Gas Cylinder Management

Potential hazards of compressed gases may include high pressure, asphyxiation, flammability, explosivity, toxicity, corrosivity, pyrophoricity and exposure to extreme temperature (with cryogenic gases). Safety regulations cover: labeling and construction of cylinders; safe handling, use, and storage.

Compressed Gas Safety Training - Basic safety principles for all personnel working with or around compressed gas cylinders is available through STARS. Detailed lab/process specific training is provided by lab manager/supervisor before using compressed gasses.

Chemical Inventory - Don't forget to add cylinders to ChemTracker!

Compressed Gas Cylinders Storage shall be held in a suitable rack or secured to other rigid structures.

Seismic Restraint Installation is available through SHC Engineering and Maintenance. Submit an online work request form and provide account number to charge for supplies and labor. Small cylinders racks can be purchased from the cylinder vendor.

Compressed Gas Cylinder Storage Area

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