Specialty Interest Groups

To encourage and assist students with exploring the large variety of medical specialties, many Specialty Interest Groups have been formed to showcase their respective specialties. Below is a list of interest groups and contact information for each. If you would like to subscribe to an Interest Group's email list, you can contact the leadership of that group and request to be added.

Interest Group Contact Information
Addiction Medicine Interest Group

Brett Salazar: bsalazar@stanford.edu

Hriday Bhambhvani: hriday@stanford.edu 

Anesthesia Interest Group

Meihsi Chen: meihsi@stanford.edu

Elena Brandford: ecb@stanford.edu

Cardiovascular Interest Group

Josey Angeli Oquendo: oquendoy@stanford.edu

Kiah Williams: kiahmw@stanford.edu

Annika Dries: annikamd@stanford.edu

Dermatology Interest Group Julia Ransohoff: juliar1@stanford.edu
Emergency Medicine Interest Group

Drew Birrenkott: dbirrenkott@stanford.edu

Emmy Shearer: emilys26@stanford.edu

Laura Simko: lsimko@stanford.edu

Amelia Bryan: aybryan@stanford.edu

Neil Gandhi: nrgandhi@stanford.edu

Family Medicine Interest Group

Jimmy Zheng: jimmyz1@stanford.edu

Crystal Lin: clin4@stanford.edu

Vinita Shivakumar: vinshiv@stanford.edu

Chris Calkins: ccalkins@stanford.edu

Infectious Diseases Interest Group

Anthony Buzzanco: abuzzanco@stanford.edu

Joseph Brough: jjbrough@stanford.edu

Internal Medicine Interest Group

Jonathan You: jyou1@stanford.edu

Dylan Peterson: dpeters9@stanford.edu

Maya Ramachandran: mayakram@stanford.edu

Neurosurgery Interest Group

Adrian Rodrigues: adrian.rodrigues@stanford.edu

Olivia Zhou: oyzhou@stanford.edu

Eric Lee: ebl@stanford.edu

Kristin Halvorsen: kch@stanford.edu

Obstetrics and Gynecology Interest Group

Diana Wise: dwise1@stanford.edu

Pooja Parameshwar: ppara@stanford.edu

Kaitlin Corbin: kcorbin@stanford.edu

Oncology Interest Group

Gita Abhiraman: gabhiram@stanford.edu

Samuel Falkson: sfalkson@stanford.edu

Daniel Liu: liudan@stanford.edu

Emily Yang: emyang@stanford.edu

Orthopaedic Surgery Interest Group

Claire Rhee: cr21@stanford.edu

Georgia Toal: gtoal@stanford.edu

Kevin Thomas: kathoma@stanford.edu

Otolaryngology Interest Group

Mahbuba Tusty: tustym@stanford.edu

Peter Moon: pkmoon@stanford.edu

Shayna Cooperman: shaycoop@stanford.edu

Michael Jin: mjin2@stanford.edu

Pediatrics Interest Group

Katy Chan: kschan1@stanford.edu

Tatiana Rosenblatt: tatianar@stanford.edu

Shanika Pelpola: jspelpola@stanford.edu

Sarthak Angal: sangal@stanford.edu

Psychiatry Interest Group Ellie Beam: ebeam@stanford.edu
Quality Improvement Interest Group Kush Gupta: kush@stanford.edu
Radiology Interest Group at Stanford

Victoria Arendt: varendt@stanford.edu

Katie Shpanskaya: kss@stanford.edu

Student Interest Group in Neurology

Charlotte Herber: csh47@stanford.edu

Allan Wang: arwang@stanford.edu

Surgery Interest Group

Andrea Fisher: atfisher@stanford.edu

Gaby Joseph: gabyj@stanford.edu

Jamasb Sayadi: jsayadi@stanford.edu

Urology Interest Group

Daniel Greenberg: danielrg@stanford.edu

Nick Teslovich: nteslovi@stanford.edu

Sayantan Deb: sdeb1014@stanford.edu

Vision and Ophthalmology Interest Group Alanna Coughran: alannac@stanford.ede