SMSA Funding for Individual Conference Travel


All proposals are accepted on a rolling basis and are subject to approval by the SMSA Treasurer. Since funds are normally depleted by the end of the academic year, you are more likely to obtain funding if you apply for it well in advance of your conference travel, event, or project work.

1) Individual Conference Travel (ICT)

2) Group Conference Travel (GCT)

SMSA will reimburse a student group’s conference travel costs up to $450. Only one GCT application will be funded per student group per year, and a maximum of $150 will be awarded to any one student traveling to a group conference. A student who wishes to attend multiple conferences within a given fiscal year (9/1-8/31) can receive a maximum of $350 in SMSA travel funding ($150 from GCT funding and another $200 from Individual Conference Travel (ICT) support).