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The Stanford Center for Medical Education Research and Innovation (SCeMERI), under the leadership of Dr. Clarence Braddock (Professor of Medicine, Associate Dean of Undergraduate and Graduate Medical Education), was launched and fully staffed in fall 2012. The establishment of the center is part of a broader medical education reform effort by the medical school, addressing concerns such as excessive amount of time to complete medial training and needed improvements in physicians' bedside skills. The center was designed to foster, support, and conduct innovations in scholarship and innovation in the field of medical education. In general, SCeMERI serves as a clearinghouse for the various medical education research initiatives and projects across Stanford, and has four areas of inquiry:

  1. Research, Scholarship, and Innovation,
  2. Faculty Development,
  3. Evaluation,
  4. Instructional Design

The goals of the center are:

For more information about medical education research, please visit the SCeMERI website [http://mededresearch.stanford.edu/ ]. The SCeMERI research scholars are available to provide initial consultation on your medical education research project.


Evaluation Resources

If you are working on a project for the M.D. curriculum, the Evaluation team can you help you gather feedback on your work. You can contact them directly, or ask the SMILI team to connect you.


Other Resources

Who can help?

If you are part of the Stanford School of Medicine or Stanford Hospital and Clinics, the SMILI support team can help you plan and evaluate your project. Please contact us to get started.