Stanford ValleyCare Clinical Academy 2019

Our Stanford ValleyCare Clinical Academy made its debut in July 2019 and hosted 18 enthusiastic high school juniors and seniors. We are very proud of the summer session our community was able to provide our local students. It hosted a diversity of workshops that included hands-on experiences such as splinting, a heart dissection, suturing, and a Life Flight helicopter tour. It included students performing a bronchoscopy on a set of pig lungs, something that many practicing providers have not even experienced in training. Although we had a busy schedule with our interactive group workshops we were also able to spend time with the students on 1:1 basis during lunch, make chit-chat with them on ice cream and Starbucks runs, and during our Palo Alto’s campus tour and picnic lunch. Our students impressed us, not just with their intellectual aptitude and skill, but with their sense of social responsibility and compassion toward their peers.
We thank the ValleyCare Medical Staff: Dr. Idakoji, Dr. Krishanmohan, Dr. Eric Lai, Dr. James Lin, Dr. Douglas Liou, Dr. Vanni Manthiram, Dr. Ramford Ng, Dr. Chirag Pandya, Dr. Kavita Raj, Dr. Jake Scott, Dr. Dan Smeester, Dr. Phil Wolfe, Dr. Thomas Yu, and Dr. Yen-Hua Yu. You went out of your way to deliver memorable lectures. You captured their interest by being an authentic role model and many students were inspired by your personal stories.
We wish to highlight the fantastic speakers who came to teach from the Palo Alto campus: Dr. Charles Liao, who taught bedside ultrasound and drew beautiful pictures on the digital board. Dr. Jessie Kittle, who blew our minds with the idea of medical hypnosis. Dr. Jonathan Chen, whose analytical mind perked the interest of our statistically savvy students. Our Stanford medical students Kaitlin Corbin, Tanmaya Sambare and our Stanford PA students Erin Lencioni, Patricia Lee, Sabina Seyster participated in a student panel our high school students didn’t want to end. The Hurley and Margaret Smith duo somehow made quality improvement one of our loudest and exciting activities.

We are grateful that we connected with the medical community outside of Stanford Healthcare. Dr. Joseph Vu, assistant program director at Kaiser Permanente Santa Clara, gave a board talk that demystified the pathophysiology of diabetes. Dr. Gita Surti, family medicine physician, introduced outpatient medicine and led the session on history-taking with guest patients. Christina Rita explored mental health, Dan Roskowski taught us about LGBT issues in health. Melanie Carter showed us how the DaVinci robot can peel a grape. Greg Hatten analyzed our student’s petri dishes. Dr. Christie Tung, Dr. Larry Kwan, Dr. Connie Chen, and Dr. Lauren Levine spoke about their unique career pathway and provided words of wisdom on work-life.

The MERTES Education Center involvement was a blessing in so many ways. We appreciated their beautiful teaching facilities but more importantly the enthusiasm for which they prepared for the students. They led a large number of our workshops, all of which were highly rated by our students. We could not have asked for a stronger group of educators and colleagues to work with. Thank you again Sonia Field, Karen Lounsbury, Jeanette Kitt, Joanne Berven, Michelle Long, Shannon Stewart, Lora Maloof-Miller, Nancy Weckel, Rose Roesch and Mary Kay Dunn.
Thank you, Matthew Murray, for setting up one of our most exciting workshops (the pig lung bronchoscopy!). Thank you, Christy Kerling, for organizing all our surgery related lectures.
Many students stated one of their favorite sessions was the Health Care Career Fair where the students learned about physical therapy, pharmacy, nursing, social work, respiratory therapy, dietitian, case management, wound care, and development careers in the hospital. Each group developed a unique method of presenting their careers and we thank you for all the extra time you spent to excite the students onto your fantastic career paths! We apologize who we may forget since there were so many wondering volunteers but thank you Lisa Hunter, Lisa Pedro, Maria Raymundo, Matthew Murray, Sandra Lieu, Susie Adel, Sarah Razon, Selina Hu, Shake Sullivan, Vivian Wong.

This Clinical Academy would not have been possible without the involvement of the entire Stanford ValleyCare Hospitalist group. We appreciate the direction of Dr. David Svec and Dr. Minjoung Go. We especially thank Jeanette Conley and Danielle Hendrickson for keeping us organized. We could not have lugged all the materials to MERTES at Livermore without Chad Anderson’s handy truck. We thank Kelly Hauer-Laurencin, who connected us to Alameda county’s new EMS company and took on several sessions. We love the enthusiasm of every hospitalist who taught a session. We hope every doctor involved finds this experience rewarding. It is refreshing to recognize that community physicians can also be a positive role model to youths.
Basically, THANK YOU!!! It took more than 70 volunteers to put this session on, and it would not have been the same unless all of you were involved. This Clinical Academy was truly a testament of the strength of our community and we are humbled and more grateful than ever to be a part of it.
Dr. Alice Cha and Dr. Minh-Chi Tran
Stanford University School of Medicine
Clinical Assistant Professors