Quick dialing links sites at UCSF Stanford Health Care
The San Francisco and Palo Alto facilities of UCSF Stanford Health Care are in different area codes, but instead of dialing 12 numbers to call someone at the other campus, you need to dial only seven - a two-digit access code followed by the last five digits of a person's phone number.

Called "quick dialing," the system also works with some existing telephone set features, such as transferring and forwarding calls or dialing conference calls, said Paul Lavoie, hospital program manager for Stanford Communications Services. (See "quick dialing codes" below):

Palo Alto staff can use quick dialing to access the Stanford voicemail system when in San Francisco, and when using some of the Stanford voicemail features.

The UCSF Stanford Health Care central staff at Candlestick Point is expected to be linked to the seven-digit dialing program soon, said Lavoie.

Candlestick Point, by the way, is in the same 650 area code as Stanford - UCSF is in the 415 area.

For further information on quick dialing and voicemail services available to UCSF Stanford Health Care staff, please visit Communication Services' Web site at http://commserv.stanford.edu/CS.commnews.html or call the help line at 725-HELP.

To call a San Francisco facility from a Palo Alto facility, dial "24" plus the five-digit extension.
To reach a Palo Alto facility from a San Francisco facility, dial "77" plus the five-digit extension.

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Quick dial links sites at UCSF Stanford Health Care

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