November 2005 Volume 29 No. 10
Now available for physicians

What: Pronunciation coaching for physicians from around the world

Where: Stanford Hospital, ground floor, Room HG014

When: January 2006, meeting time TBA - one hour per week

Who: Physicians who see patients at Stanford University Medical Center

Fee: $125 includes textbook, audio CD and access to the Business English Web.

Info: For more information, call the instructor, Emily Wheeler, at (650) 724-2616, or email ewheeler@stanford med.org

If you grew up speaking English outside of the US, you may sometimes experience difficulty making yourself understood to American listeners. You may also have an occasional problem comprehending “local" North American dialects.

This course is designed to help physicians overcome these obstacles to clear communication with patients, colleagues and others.

Course description:

During the ten-week course, we will meet once a week as a small group to learn about basic concepts of American English pronunciation. Outside of class, you will spend one to three hours working at your computer, completing audio recordings to be submitted as homework. These audio assignments will be designed especially for physicians. You will receive personalized, private audio feedback from your teacher for each assignment.