November 2005 Volume 29 No. 10
New ICD-9 Diagnosis Codes
in Effect since Oct. 1

Updated ICD-9 diagnosis codes went into effect Oct. 1, and the Compliance Department has reported there is no “grace period" for their use.

“Accurate diagnosis codes are essential to ensure proper documentation to describe the condition of the patient and to support the billing and reimbursement process from both the facility and professional billing perspective," said Jerry Shefren, SHC vice president for ambulatory care.
Beginning in 2005, the diagnosis codes (ICD-9 codes) undergo updates twice a year, with the code changes going into effect April 1 and Oct. 1.

All providers who assign diagnosis codes are encouraged to use the most current edition of the ICD-9 code book. Diagnosis reference lists have been prepared for the Stanford Medical Group, Stanford Family Practice and Cancer Center Clinics and these lists are available for other physicians and appropriate staff on SHC’s Department for Compliance web page.

For further information, or to receive a text file of the new codes if intranet access to the SHC website is unavailable, contact Jean Stone, facility fee auditor/trainer in the Compliance Department, at (650) 724-3849.