November 2005 Volume 29 No. 10
Physician web training offered
as Carecast “goes live" in stages

Web-based training has begun for physicians on IDX Carecast, SHC’s upgrade to IDX Lastword’s order communications system and the first step toward implementing the Electronic Multidisciplinary Documentation (EMD) program.

The upgrade is scheduled to go live during December. Users may experience sign-on and screen changes, and may also see some workflow changes with patient lists and retrieving patient information. Physicians won’t notice actual workflow changes until early in 2006, said Kevin Tabb, a physician and SHC’s chief quality and medical information officer.

Physicians can access a Web-based training module at http://www.emd-wbt.stanfordhospital.com to learn more about Carecast, and they are encouraged to complete the module before the December “Go Live".

The lessons are intended to help physicians navigate such specifics of the system as logging in, managing patient lists, viewing the provider desktop, the clinician order pad, results and reports, placing orders, order sets and conditional orders, as well as managing orders.

Specifically, physician training for Carecast covers:

How orders, based on frequency, will create patient tasks for the nurse on the eWorklist and how medication orders will create tasks on the eMAR
How medications that are unverified by the pharmacist will not appear for charting by the nurse until they are verified
The transfer process and how orders that create tasks affect:

- Transfers to and from the OR
- Transfers to and from the ICU
- Transfers to and from non-EMD units during rollout
- Transfers between units

When and how to place Conditional Orders
When and how to renew orders that were discontinued when the patient was transferred to the OR
Discontinuing orders.

Nursing staff began training Nov. 1. A select group of nurses will be selected from patient units to train and mentor colleagues.

EMD implementation begins on Jan. 9 with nursing admission assessments only in the Surgical Admission Unit and the Ambulatory Surgery Center. Full electronic nursing documentation will be piloted on C2, D1 and D/E Ground on Jan. 17. Thereafter, EMD rolls out on two units every two weeks until completely implemented by June 2006, Tabb said.

Tabb said physicians who provided input, guidance, and suggestions for the Carecast order and result screens included Larry Shuer, Chris Hayward, Paul Wang, Steve Leibel, David Spain, Cristopher Sharp and Joe Hopkins, along with Doug Jacobs, James Yun, Michael Fischbein, Andrew Shelton, Jeffrey Norton, Rama Sista, Ann Weinacker, Christopher Knoppel, Emil DeGoma, David Kao, Mona Beaunoyer, Christine Wijman, Paul Jackson, Gan Dunnington, Susan Brundage, Rochelle Dicker, Tony Caffarelli, Jason Lee and Steve Balt.