May 2010 Volume 34 No. 5

>>MEDICAL INTERPRETERS are available in hundreds of languages to provide round-the-clock language and cultural services to patients and caregivers. When physicians bypass interpreter services for limited English proficiency patients, they do so at their own peril. [MORE>>]

– 86 medical staff and nine staff members were introduced to new Medical Staff officers at an April 15 Medical Staff General Meeting. The attendees also heard from Vice Chief of Staff Geoff Rubin, who is leaving Stanford (see related article) and from newly elected Vice Chief of Staff Ann Weinacker. Leaders discussed hospital issues, and also on the agenda was a briefing on advocacy activities from longtime Medical Staff member Tanya Spirtos, trustee to the California Medical Association [MORE>>].

(above left) – Spirtos is seen after the presentation chatting with internist Paul Ford. The heart of the meeting may have been the opportunity for staff members, long-time and new, to interact and socialize over food and drink. (above right) – Retired faculty surgeon Harry Oberhelman, standing, talks with faculty transplant surgeon Waldo Concepcion. (photos by: Norbert von der Groeben)

Bohman remains chief of staff for extra year after Rubin announces move to Duke

Current Chief of Staff Bryan D. Bohman will continue in that post for an additional year because Vice Chief of Staff Geoffrey D. Rubin is leaving Stanford in August to become chair of radiology at Duke University School of Medicine.

Rubin had been scheduled to replace Bohman on May 1.

Ann Weinacker, recently elected vice chief of staff will move into the COS job a year early when Bohman steps aside after his extended term in May 2011. [MORE>>]

Bylaws revisions approved

Medical Staff members have approved a series of revisions to the organization’s bylaws.

Nearly 94 percent of 297 active staff members voted in favor of the package of revisions. The election was held via e-mail during the last two weeks in April. Here are some highlights:

A new membership category of Administrative Staff was created for physicians who perform administrative and/or quality assessment work but do not see patients [MORE>>]

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