March 2008 Volume 32 No.3

Preparations for CIS-Epic go-live include instructor-led training and hands-on tutorials. In a class targeted for the needs of surgeons, instructor Tomas Torices goes over some details with plastic and reconstructive surgeon Ron Iverson.
CIS-Epic launches April 25


User IDs get security upgrades
- Jdoe is now S0012245 -

User names just a got a little more cryptic — and potentially safer — when physicians and others log into systems at SHC.

Physicians should have received via U.S. Mail at their home address a new eight-digit/letter system user identification (SID) and password that will replace existing user names when logging into CIS-Epic or other SHC systems after CIS-Epic goes live on April 25.

In other words, jdoe is becoming S0012345. (The latter is harder to guess if your name is John Doe, an obvious safety measure: if someone doesn’t know your user name he or she won’t be trying to guess your password).

After the SID comes in the mail, users can call the SHC Help Desk at (650) 723-3333 to receive a Remote Access FOB, which will be required after April 25 to log in to Stanford from outside the firewall — say, from a home or private office computer. These devices provide an additional layer of security for communication into the Stanford firewall.

The IT team reminds users to get their SIDs soon, because the new SIDs are required even before CIS-Epic go-live to log into the Epic training “Playground.”

Instructions have already been sent out on how to access SHC Outlook Webmail. Email addresses will NOT change after April 25, but users will need to use their SID to log in. Users may also need to change their password as part of the transition process, if their current password lacks the security safeguards of a random set of numbers and letters (For example no more FundocX, which has no numbers).

For some frequently asked questions (FAQs) about the SID and passwords: [download here].