March 2008 Volume 32 No. 3

Medical Staff votes by March 24
for six COS/vice COS candidates

Active medical staff members face a March 24 deadline to return ballots to elect a chief of staff and vice chief of staff.

Candidate statements were e-mailed to voting members the last week of February. The statements are also available to download here: [statements.pdf]

Ballots were scheduled to be mailed or e-mailed to some 1,400 active staff members on March 10. Eligible staff members who didn’t get a ballot, should immediately send their preferred e-mail address to medstaff@stanfordmed.org, or call (650) 725-6021 to make sure their vote counts. Ballots from the approximately 50 staff members who received paper ballots must be postmarked by the March 24 deadline. (See More)

CIS-Epic go-live
starts April 25

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