March 2008 Volume 32 No.3
Medical Staff votes by March 24
for six COS/vice COS candidates

Active medical staff members face a March 24 deadline to return ballots to elect a chief of staff and vice chief of staff.

Below are photos and brief statements published in this month's Medical Staff Update. Candidate statements were e-mailed to voting members the last week of February. (Download: Complete Candidate Statements.pdf)

Ballots were scheduled to be mailed or e-mailed to some 1,400 active staff members on March 10. Eligible staff members who didn’t get a ballot, should immediately send their preferred e-mail address to medstaff@stanfordmed.org, or call (650) 725-6021 to make sure their vote counts. Ballots from the approximately 50 staff members who received paper ballots must be postmarked by the March 24 deadline.

Bylaw revisions approved in February call for the chief to be succeeded by the vice chief after two years, thus establishing a two-year election cycle.

A nominating committee composed of faculty and community members of the Medical Staff submitted the names of Bryan Bohman and William Maloney as candidates for chief of staff and Geoff Rubin and Rosaline Vasquez for vice chief of staff. This slate of four candidates was then approved by the Medical Executive Committee.

Two additional candidates for vice chief of staff, Raymond Gaeta and Camran Nezhat, were added to the ballot via petitions signed by at least 25 members of the medical staff.

Additional bylaw revisions were expected to be ratified by the MEC in March, and further proposals are expected to be submitted to the Medical Staff for a vote in April after the election results are announced, said Kent Garman, immediate past president of the Medical Staff and chair of the Governance Committee.

The shift to elected leadership is a key component of a series of bylaws changes intended to give SHC’s Medical Staff greater autonomy and influence and to assure compliance with laws and standards mandating a self-governing medical staff.



Bryan D. Bohman, currently president of the Medical Staff (a position that will phase out under the new governance structure), completed internal medicine and anesthesiology residencies at Stanford, where he has practiced for 25 years.

William Maloney, professor and chair of Orthopedic Surgery, completed his residency at Stanford and served at Palo Alto Medical Clinic and at Washington University in St. Louis before returning to Stanford in his current position in 2004.

CANDIDATES for VICE CHIEF —Submitted by the nominating committee:

Geoffrey Rubin, professor and chief of the Section of Cardiovascular Imaging in the Department of Radiology and medical director of the 3D Laboratory, has been practicing at Stanford for 20 years since beginning his residency. He currently serves as associate dean for clinical affairs, as a member of the SHC Medical Executive Committee and the Medical Staff Quality Improvement Patient Safety and Care Improvement Committees.

Rosaline Vasquez, adjunct clinical professor in medicine, trained at Stanford and served one year on the full-time faculty in the medicine and emergency medicine departments before entering private practice. She then received an M.B.A. and has held numerous roles in the health care industry and in research while continuing part-time attending and teaching at Stanford. She is currently on the SHC Bylaws Committee.

CANDIDATES for VICE CHIEF —Nominated by petition:

Raymond Gaeta, associate professor of anesthesiology and chief of the Pain Clinic, served as SHC medical staff president in 2001-02. He formerly chaired the Faculty Senate and currently serves on the Medical Staff Well-Being Committee.

Camran Nezhat, adjunct clinical professor of surgery and OB/GYN, was recruited as a minimally invasive surgeon to Stanford 15 years ago. He has served on the SHC Medical Executive Committee and as deputy chief of the Department of OB/GYN. He currently serves on SHC’s Operating Room Committee.