January 2009 Volume 33 No. 1
Courtesy Admitting category for staff
may be phased out in surgical services

The Credentialing Committee is considering phasing out the Courtesy Admitting category for Medical Staff membership in the surgical services, Chief of Staff Bryan D. Bohman reported in his Dec. 16 report from the Medical Executive Committee to colleagues.

“The rationale is that three patient contacts per year (current requirement for Courtesy status) are not adequate for a physician to be familiar enough with our facility (including Epic, physical plant, various procedures and rules, etc.) to function here safely and effectively, especially in the urgent situations more common to proceduralists,” Bohman wrote.

He added there are no plans to change the requirement for Active Admitting status, currently 11 contacts per year.

For questions or concerns, contact Bohman at bbohman@stanfordmed.org.