December 2007 Volume 31 No. 11
Medical Staff vote approves
governance changes

Active medical staff members are expected to vote early next year on a slate of candidates for the new elected chief of staff and chief of staff-elect positions.

The proposed e-balloting comes after active medical staff members voted by a wide margin in November to approve more than a dozen bylaws changes. The new rules create an elected chief of staff and are intended generally to give the SHC Medical Staff more autonomy and ensure compliance with state law and Joint Commission regulations.

Voting in the mail-in election concluded Nov. 2. The SHC Hospital Board ratified provisions of the new governance structure in late November.

Sandi Edgar, director of medical staff services, said additional bylaws changes are likely to be considered by the medical staff in the coming weeks in what could be a short series of mailed or e-mailed ballots.

The Medical Board — renamed the Medical Executive Committee (MEC) as a result of the election — is putting together a Nominating Committee for the new elected leadership positions. The commitment required and stipend that will be paid to the elected chief of staff will be determined before soliciting nominations, Edgar explained. The MEC is also scheduled to decide final content and a distribution schedule for the subsequent balloting.

A discussion of the need for the changes appeared in the August/September Medical Staff Update column by outgoing Staff President Kent Garman: [click here]