December 2007 Volume 31 No. 11

SHC’s busy Emergency Department will be significantly upgraded thanks to the Andreessen’s $27.5 million grant.

Silicon Valley couple pledges $27.5 million for emergency care

Technology guru Marc Andreessen, and philanthropy academic Laura Arrillaga-Andreessen have committed a $27.5 million gift to SHC to build a state-of-the-art Emergency Department for both adults and children in the community.

The married couple’s gift will enable the hospital, the only level-1 trauma center between San Francisco and San Jose, to build a department more than double the size of current facilities and expand its services and technologies to meet rapidly growing demand from patients. The money will both upgrade the Emergency Department facility in the current hospital and support the Emergency Department planned for the new Stanford Hospital, which, if approved, is expected to be completed in 2015.

With the support from Andreessen and Arrillaga-Andreessen, the Emergency Department will be equipped with a wide array of new technologies.

The gift also will support expanded research as well as new staffing, including an expanded residency program, patient advocates, and additional nurse staffing to make patient follow-up calls. It will also support injury and illness prevention programs in the community and create a newly endowed position of Medical Director for Disaster Preparedness.

The facility will be called the Marc and Laura Andreessen Emergency Department.

Andreessen, 36, is a software engineer and entrepreneur best known for developing Mosaic, the first widely used Web browser and for co-founding Netscape Communications at age 23 in 1994.

Arrillaga-Andreessen, 37, has been a faculty member at the Stanford Graduate School of Business and at the university, where she has created and teaches Stanford’s first courses on strategic philanthropy.

—Courtesy SUMC Office of Communication