December 2007 Volume 31 No. 11

Give us your e-mail address

The next Medical Staff election will be conducted via e-voting, and Staff President Bryan Bohman and the Medical Staff office are making sure that e-voting will be convenient, reliable, and completely confidential. Please ensure we have your preferred email contact address. If you are an active member of the Medical Staff and occasionally receive e-mails addressed to “medstaff”, then you should be okay. Otherwise, please send an e-mail to medstaff@stanfordmed.org or call (650) 725-6021 so we will know where to send your electronic ballot notifications and instructions.

CME Programming Offered by SHC Department of Continuing Medical Education
— For more information: www.cme.stanfordhospital.com (650) 725-9549


Medical Staff vote approves governance changes

Active medical staff members are expected to vote early next year on a slate of candidates for the new elected chief of staff and chief of staff-elect positions.

The proposed e-balloting comes after active medical staff members voted by a wide margin in November to approve more than a dozen bylaws changes. The new rules create an elected chief of staff and are intended generally to give the SHC Medical Staff more autonomy and ensure compliance with state law and Joint Commission regulations.

Voting in the mail-in election concluded Nov. 2. The SHC Hospital Board ratified provisions of the new governance structure in late November. [see story]


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