Volume 28 No. 8

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Medicare warns
of provider scam

Unacceptable abbreviations chart

Revised & renewed protocols need IRB review, dean says

US News and World Reports Hospital Rankings

Common charges available for patient perusal on request

Role of clinician educators reviewed

Report needle sticks

From Tumor Board to Public Affairs, liver suregon believes in outreach

Infusion treatment area

Hematopathology Moment


Common charges available
for patient perusal on request


Hospital staff in certain customer service areas at Stanford and Packard Hospitals are now able to provide upon request of the public or patients a list of the facilities' top 25 Common Services/Procedures and corresponding charges.

The policy, effective July 1, is in response to the 2003 California Assembly Bill 1627, entitled the "Payor's Bill of Rights."

Carol Klove, chief compliance and privacy officer, said that physicians and staff who interact with patients and the public should be aware of this program and be able to direct questions appropriately. Patients or members of the public who want to view either institution's Charge Description Master (CDM), a more comprehensive listing of charges, should be referred to the CDM Customer Service Liaison, Monica Ferreira, at (650) 724-1371 (ext. 4-1371).

Bill-related questions for either professional (e.g., physicians') fees or hospital fees should still be directed to the appropriate customer service number.

The policy, request form, as well as an information sheet and the two lists of 25 common charges are available on the intranet at the Compliance and Privacy Department links listed below. For technical questions about a department's CDM, contact Diane Esquibel at (650) 498-5953.

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