Volume 28 No. 8

SHC offers media relations services to physicians

SHC and the Lucile Packard Children's Hospital were both ranked as "Honor Roll Hospitals" by US News and World Report in the weekly news magazine's July 12 issue.

SHC ranked 14th (up from 15 in 2003) and LPCH ranked 12th (up from 18th in 2003). In the latest survey Neurology and Neurosurgery improved most dramatically (to 12th in 2004 from 25th in 2003) and improved standing was also noted for the SHC ranking in cancer, orthopedics, psychiatry, respiratory disorders, rheumatology and urology. At the same time there were slight declines in SHC's ranking in cardiac, kidney disease, ENT, gynecology and rehabilitation.

In his July 5 newsletter, Dean Philip Pizzo said that while SHC and LPCH "have done quite well and are clearly among the nation's most valued hospitals," the relatively small size of Stanford in comparison with other major academic medical centers "has an impact on the ratings."

The dean noted that despite potential flaws in methodology the ratings "have a considerable impact on how the public views hospitals and on how hospitals and medical centers promote or market their putative excellence."

(In April, Pizzo responded to similar U.S. News ratings for medical schools: []. He said then that while Stanford was ranked no. 8, its ranking may have been adversely impacted by its relatively small size. Reflected in the ratings was Stanford's total research funding, lower than its much larger peer institutions. However, Pizzo noted the ratings failed to account for Stanford's relative research funding - first in the nation in terms of peer reviewed funding per faculty member.)

-From Dean Philip A Pizzo's Dean Newsletter:

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