Volume 28 No. 8


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Medicare warns
of provider scam

Unacceptable abbreviations chart

Revised & renewed protocols need IRB review, dean says

US News and World Reports Hospital Rankings

Common charges available for patient perusal on request

Role of clinician educators reviewed

Report needle sticks

From Tumor Board to Public Affairs, liver suregon believes in outreach

Infusion treatment area

Hematopathology Moment



Revised and renewed protocols
need IRB review, dean says

Dean Philip A. Pizzo has reminded all faculty members involved in human subjects research to submit human research activities to the Institutional Review Board (IRB) for prospective review and approval.

The dean said such review is required not only for new protocols, but for revised protocols and renewal of existing protocol activities. In his July 5 newsletter, the dean urged investigators to visit the Stanford Human Subjects website for further information:

Also available for questions is the IRB Education Specialist,, (724-7141).


-Courtesy of
Dean Philip A. Pizzo's Dean's Newsletter: