AUGUST/SEPTEMBER 2004 - Volume 28 - No. 8

Raymond Henley, right, an oil painter and one of four current Art for Health volunteers, works on a bedside project in the SHC rehabilitation unit with oncology patient Cherie Chaney, whose physician is neuro oncologist Lawrence Recht. Chaney is making a design depicting three roses which she hopes to use as a stained glass decoration in the bedroom window of her home in Arroyo Grande. Admiring the art work is Lance Cheung, a PGY II resident in physical medicine and rehabilitation. Art for Health brings an artist to the bedside with a variety of materials for patients to create their own art as a way to relieve stress and lift the spirit. Sessions are held in patient rooms or in support group situations. The volunteers and program coordinator Sylvia Dolce use a wide variety of art materials such as paint, pastels, collages and clay. Selected patient artwork is displayed on the first floor of the hospital near the cafeteria and the G1 unit. The art is rotated on a quarterly basis. To arrange an Art for Health session for a patient, call Community and Patient Relations at (650) 723-7167.


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