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Yeast screen robot for Haplo Insufficiency Profiling (HIP)

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The objective of this project is to provide an automated system for haploinsufficiency profiling (HIP) screens. The screen system is a pool of gene deleted yeast grown against a drug at a concentration that inhibits the yeast pool growth rate to 80% of wild type (wt). For high throughput and automation the screens are grown in 48 or 96 well plates. For good analysis the yeast pool should grow through 20 generations. These cannot be grown in one well without either refreshing the media or inoculating a fresh well every 5 generations. To ascertain the appropriate drug concentration pre-screens of 5 generations of wt and the growth curves are compared to drugless growth. For good growth, the temperature used is 30ºC and the plates shaken. The growth curves are obtained from optical density measurements every 15 minutes of the 7-14 hour growth to 5 generations. The robotic system monitors the growth and controls the robotic pipetting system to perform the inoculations, dilutions and sample saves. It also prepares the drug samples using the growth rates from the pre-screens.

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