Genome Technology Center

High-throughput Pyrosequencing for large-scale genetic analysis

Pyrosequencing, a non-electrophoretic method for DNA sequencing is emerging as a popular platform for DNA analysis (Ronaghi et al. 1996, 1998, 2001). This technology has the potential advantage of accuracy, ease-of-use, and high flexibility for different applications. The technique dispenses with the need for labeled primers, labeled nucleotides and gel-electrophoresis, and it supports high levels of automation. The aim of this project is to develop a chip-based format to conduct Pyrosequencing reactions in micro-scale. This involves design and fabrication of novel structures for nucleotide dispensation and for driving the reactions to completion, as well as design of cheap CMOS-based imagers for light detection. Availability of cheap, high-throughput DNA sequencing chips helps to lift constraints on the cost and speed of doing experiments and paves the way toward a lab-on-a-chip solution for large-scale DNA sequencing. We are currently focusing on developing this platform for high-throughput microbial flora typing and genome sequencing.


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