Genome Technology Center

Automated Sequencing System

The massive amount of DNA sequencing necessary for the completion of the Human Genome Project and for the sequencing of other large genomes will require development of technology to increase sequencing throughput and to lower its cost. Our Technology Development team, in collaboration with U.C. Berkeley and Affymetrix Inc., is developing a modular automated sequencing system with the goal of sequencing 1 Mb/day of assembled sequence at a cost of $0.01 per base. The development of this system is the main thrust of our technology development and is well under way.

Three of the five main instruments involved in this system have been developed and are in use. These are the:

Together these instruments comprise the "Front-End" of the system and are in continuous use.  

The thermal cycler, sequencer, and plasmid purification instruments are under development. Automated editing, assembly, sample tracking and quality control software and hardware are also being developed. Automated finishing of sequence, including automated primer calling and synthesis, is planned for development once the shotgun path of the system is in place. 

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