Genome Technology Center

ACCESS, an Automated Cell, Compound, and Environment Screening System


  • Michael J. Proctor
  • Malene L. Urbanus
  • Eula Fung
  • Ronald W. Davis
  • Corey Nislow
  • Guri Giaver

ACCESS RobotThe Automated Cell, Compound and Environment Screening System (ACCESS) is used for pre-screening and screening compounds against the yeast knockout library for Haplo-Insufficiency Profiling, Over-Expression in Yeast and for high-resolution phenotypic analysis of other single cell organisms.
The robotic system consists of microplate readers with or without a liquid handling robot for sample inoculation, just-in-time addition of compound and sample saving.

software interfaceCustom software allows for real-time monitoring of optical density, fluorescence or Luminescence. The software makes autonomous, real-time decisions to add drug, inoculate or save samples. Complex growth protocols are easily configured and the software provides extensive growth rate analysis metrics. Well annotation, plate tracking and data analysis is integrated with a MySQL database. A comprehensive error and run status notification system operates via email or web interface.

Nine ACCESS units have been implemented at Stanford, University of Toronto and EMBL-Heidelberg.

In conclusion ACCESS is well suited to support high throughput phenotypic and genomic research on various microbiological organisms.

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