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High resolution marker map of Arabidopsis thaliana


Tina Noyes
Sujatha Krishnakumar
Ted Jones
Mark Piercy
Karen Davis
Peter Oefner

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High-density markers are vital for the comprehensive analysis of complex traits involving polygenic loci, and for association studies between genotypes and phenotypes. With the completion of the sequencing of the Col-0 ecotype of Arabidopsis thaliana, the Arabidopsis SNP discovery project has generated a genome-wide high density SNP marker set for the plant model system, A. thaliana.

The SNPs were discovered by an automated sequence alignment and SNP calling program developed at SGTC, using sequences from PCR amplicons spaced at 30 kb intervals from Col-0, Ler-0, and Cvi-0 ecotypes. These markers are being validated by Pyrosequencing by genotyping 94 naturally occurring ecotypes of A. thaliana and 94 RI lines.

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