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The Genome Technology Club takes place every other Thursday at 11:00 am at the SGTC conference room, unless specified otherwise below.

The Genome Technology Club will have its focus on recent technical development in Genomics. The aim is to keep us up to date as the field expands and it becomes more difficult to catch up with the literature.

Outstanding researchers from academia and industry will be invited to give talks at the Genome Technology Center. In addition, researchers at Stanford will evaluate recent scientific papers from international journals in talks limited to 30 minutes.

Please let us know if you want to be removed from or added to the following list as a speaker. If you want to change the date of your talk, please contact one of the speakers and do the change and let me know about your new date.
For further information please e-mail Patrick Flaherty (patrick dot flaherty at or Monika Trebo (mtrebo at stanford dot edu).
We need to be informed about the title of your talk at least one week before your talk.

The seminars take place at the seminar room, Stanford Genome Technology Center, unless specified otherwise. [maps/directions]

2011 Scheduled Speakers and Topics

Past seminars: 2010, 2009, 2008, 2007, 2006, 2005, 2004,

Speaker Affiliation Topic Date Host
Bruce Gottlieb Department of Human Genetics at McGill University,
School of Nursing at McGill University
Confronting the Problem of Genetic Heterogeneity in Cancer Tissues: Investigating the Role of the Androgen Receptor Gene in Breast Cancer Ontogeny and Treatment Aug 3
11 am
Farbod Babrzadeh
Jae-Seong Yang Pohang University

Bioinformatics analysis for systems and synthetic biology

1. Identification of genes linked to mitochondrial diseases
2. Development of web application for the survival analysis
3. Prediction & improvement of protein synthesis efficiency in E.coli

Sep 22
11 am
Curt Scharfe
Jason Thompson Department of Physics and Astronomy, University of British Columbia A Novel Electrophoretic Method for Highly Specific Sequence Enrichment Oct. 11
11 am

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