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The Genome Technology Club takes place every other Thursday at 11:00 am at the SGTC conference room, unless specified otherwise below.

The Genome Technology Club will have its focus on recent technical development in Genomics. The aim is to keep us up to date as the field expands and it becomes more difficult to catch up with the literature.

Outstanding researchers from academia and industry will be invited to give talks at the Genome Technology Center. In addition, researchers at Stanford will evaluate recent scientific papers from international journals in talks limited to 30 minutes.

Please let us know if you want to be removed from or added to the following list as a speaker. If you want to change the date of your talk, please contact one of the speakers and do the change and let me know about your new date.
For further information please e-mail Nader Pourmand (pourmand at
We need to be informed about the title of your talk at least one week before your talk.

The seminars take place at the seminar room, Stanford Genome Technology Center. [maps/directions]

2005 Scheduled Speakers and Topics

Seminar schedules: current, 2010, 2009, 2008, 2007, 2006, 2004

Speaker Affiliation Topic Date Host
Steve Laderman Agilent Laboratories Comparative genomic hybridization using oligonucleotide microarrays and total genomic DNA. [PNAS Full Text] Jan 20
11 am
Gary P. Schroth Applied Biosystems Biological Discovery Using the Applied Biosystems Expression Array System Feb 3
11 am
Bob St. Onge SGTC Bob St. Onge will discuss the topic "Modular epistasis in yeast metabolism" based on Segré et al., Nature Genetics 2005; 37:77 [PDF Feb 17
11 am
Jeremy Schmutz Stanford Human Genome Center Whole genome shotgun beyond inbred laboratory strains: Genome sequencing without a net Mar 3
11 am
Bart Van de Vyver SpinX Technologies Adding programmability to microfluidics Mar 17
10:15 am
Sujatha Krishnakumar SGTC Genome-wide non-mendelian inheritance of extra-genomic information on Arabidopsis. Susan J. Lolle, Jennifer L. Victor, Jessica M. Young, Robert E. Pruitt. Nature 434, 505 - 509 (24 March 2005)
Mar 31
11 am
Georges Natsoulis Iconix Pharmaceuticals A small number of  genes are sufficient to resolve many different end point using gene expression analysis Apr 14
11 am
Ron Sapolsky   A Time-Series  of Bacillus subtilis Transcript Profiles Apr 28
11 am
Ali Hariri Yale University, Dept. of Medicine and Genetics Genetics of Mitochondria and Metabolic Syndromes Friday
May 13
10 am
Marc Vidal Dana Farber / Harvard Interactome Networks May 19
2:00 pm
Hanlee Ji
Dana Ault-Riché Pointilliste Universal Canvas™ Technology allows you to create your own customized Antibody Microarrays May 26
11 am
Kathrin Renner Tyrolean Cancer Research Institute, Innsbruck/Austria Metabolomics and the therapy of leukemia Monday
May 23
11 am
Peter Oefner
Jonas Korlach Nanofluidics Enabling the $1,000 Genome Jul 7
11 am
Henrik Persson
Leming Shi FDA The MAQC (Microarray Quality Control) Project: Calibrated RNA Samples, Reference Datasets, and QC Metrics and Thresholds Friday
Jul 22
11 am
Hanlee Ji
Zuhong Lu LMBE, Southeast University
Nanjing, Jiangsu
Some Novel Microarray Methods and their applications Wednesday
July 27
11 am
Baback Gharizadeh
Manjula Rajendran   Natural and engineered nucleic acids: understanding and utilizing them as tools in biotechnology Aug 4
11 am
Nader Pourmand
Eiichi Tamiya Japan Advanced Institute of Science and Technology Advanced DNA/protein sensors/chips based on nanomaterials and microchip technology Tuesday
Aug 16
11 am
Baback Gharizadeh
Nicolas Neckelmann Transgenomic Simple and Robust Strategies for the Detection of Germline and Somatic of Mutations and Polymorphisms Sep 1
11 am
Peidong Shen
Jeff Shrager The Carnegie Institution
Dept. of Plant Biology
The BioLingua Integrated Biocomputing Environment: Progress and Prospects Sep 15
11 am
Lisa Diamond
Lisa Diamond SGTC Tracking the Bird Flu Virus: The Next Global Pandemic--Monitoring H5N1 Avian Influenza with Multiple Primer Sequencing and Multiplex Pyrosequencing Sep 29
11 am
SGTC Bioinformatics
Lane Niles Aurora Discovery Enabling Better Data Through Assay Miniaturization Oct 13
11 am
Keith Anderson
Steven Lee San Jose State University Technology Developments in Forensic DNA: Rapid Molecular Screening Assays
in Biodefense, Diagnostics and Forensics
Oct 27
11 am
Nader Pourmand
Michael Akhras SGTC Applied Molecular Inversion Probes for pathogen diagnostics Dec 1
11 am
Nader Pourmand

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