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The Genome Technology Club takes place every other Thursday at 11:00 am at the SGTC conference room, unless specified otherwise below.

The Genome Technology Club will have its focus on recent technical development in Genomics. The aim is to keep us up to date as the field expands and it becomes more difficult to catch up with the literature.

Outstanding researchers from academia and industry will be invited to give talks at the Genome Technology Center. In addition, researchers at Stanford will evaluate recent scientific papers from international journals in talks limited to 30 minutes.

Please let us know if you want to be removed from or added to the following list as a speaker. If you want to change the date of your talk, please contact one of the speakers and do the change and let me know about your new date.
To be added to the mailing list please e-mail Mostafa Ronaghi ( or Yvonne Thorstenson (
We need to be informed about the title of your talk at least one week before your talk.

The seminars take place at the seminar room, Stanford Genome Technology Center. [maps/directions]

2004 Scheduled Speakers and Topics

Seminar schedules: current, 2010, 2009, 2008, 2007, 2006, 2005

Speaker Affiliation Topic Date Host
Jing Zhu Ciphergen Biosystems, Inc. Surface-enhanced laser desorption/ionization (SELDI)-- a versatile proteomic tool enabling biomarker discovery and protein analysis Jan 8
11 am
Mohsen Gorgani SGTC Enzyme Immobilization by Hydrophobic Interactions Jan 22
11 am
Joffre Baker Genomic Health, Inc. Development of a clinically validated multi-gene test to predict breast cancer recurrence based on analysis of fixed, paraffin-embedded tumor specimens Feb 5
11 am
Curt Scharfe SGTC Genetic screens to study gene functions in mouse Feb 19
11 am
Malek Faham
Tom Willis
ParAlleleBioScience High throughput technologies for genetic analysis Mar 4
11 am
Simon Fredriksson SGTC A global antibody initiative Mar 18
11 am
Rajiv Raja Arcturus Bioscience Microarray analysis of paraffin embedded tissue Apr 1
11 am
Yvonne Thorstenson SGTC Yvonne Thorstenson will discuss the paper "The biology of TiO2-oligonucleotide nanocomposites" by Paunesku et al., Nature Materials (2003) 2:343-46 [PubMed] Apr 15
11 am
Mikael Kubista Chalmers University of Technology and the TATAA Biocenter, Göteborg, Sweden Real-time PCR is the most sensitive technique for biomolecular detection. Today we measure the expression of key genes in individual cells with 10% accuracy. Tomorrow we have the human genome on a real-time PCR microchip. Apr 16
2:30 pm
Bob Haushalter Parallel Synthesis Technologies, Inc. 100,000 Gene Expression Measurements a Second? Apr 29
11 am
Richard F. Begley 454 Life Sciences Miniaturized Pyrosequencing Approach for Rapid and Inexpensive Genome Sequencing May 17
2:00 pm
Sujatha Krishnakumar SGTC   May 27
11 am
Rob Hnatuk Enzo Biochem., Inc. BioArray™ Linear RNA Amplification & Labeling Jun 10
11 am
Keng-Ling Wallin Karolinska Institute What is the future for cervical cancer? Jun 24
11 am
Roger Kasper Somagenics   Jul 8
11 am
Jochen Kumm SGTC Jochen Kumm will discuss the paper "Genome Evolution in Yeasts"
Nature. 2004 Jul 1;430(6995):35-44. [PubMed
Aug 5
11 am
Hamid Bolouri Institute for Systems Biology "Understanding Macrophage Responses to Pathogens"
A System Biology View
Aug 18
11 am
Amir Ali H. Talasaz SGTC "Non-destructive on-chip cell sorting system with real-time microscopic image processing". Takahashi K., et al., J Nanobiotechnology. 2004 Jun 3;2(1):5 Aug 19
11 am
Mark Zamoyski NexGen Biomedical Cell cycle synchronous chemotherapy - making anti cancer drugs curative Sep 2
11 am
Henrik Persson SGTC J. Sánchez-Quesada; A. Saghatelian; S. Cheley; H. Bayley; M. R.Ghadiri
"Single DNA Rotaxanes of a Transmembrane Pore Protein"
Angew. Chem. Int. Ed., 43, 3063-3067 (2004)
Sep 16
11 am
Wengzhong Xiao SGTC Network Analysis of Genomic Data Sep 30
11 am
Jinah Kim
Megan Laurence
Lucas Hickey
Ingenuity Systems Ingenuity Pathways Analysis: A new approach to comparing biological conditions; disease subtypes, time course, and dose response Oct 14
11 am
George Church Harvard University Analysis and Synthesis of Omes Oct 22
11 am
Kara Juneau SGTC Kara Juneau will be talking about the systematic identification of protein bound RNAs using arrays. She will be focusing her presentation on a paper entitled "Extensive association of functionally and cytotopically related mRNAs with Puf family RNA-Binding proteins in yeast."
Gerber, Herschlag, Brown
PLoS, 2004, vol 2, pg 342 [PLoS Full Text]
Oct 28
11 am
Tiba Aynechi UCSF Protein structure and sequences:
An information theoretic perspective
Nov 11  


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