Genome Technology Center

Biological Discovery Using the Applied Biosystems Expression Array System

Gary P. Schroth, Ph.D.
Group Leader, Array’s Product Development
Applied Biosystems, 850 Lincoln Center Drive, Foster City, CA  94404

We show how the Applied Biosystems Expression Array System can be used as a powerful discovery tool for biomedical research. The system utilizes sensitive chemiluminescence detection chemistries, 60-mer oligonucleotide probes, and extensive gene coverage to unambiguously study gene expression patterns in human, mouse and rat samples. We will show the results from several biological studies that have been completed using the Expression Array System. In one study we use the system to sub-classify human breast cancers, and show that we can identify many novel signature genes in these tissues. We will also show data from a classic interferon induction study done in tissue culture cells, which clearly shows the involvement of novel genes in the interferon induction process. Both studies demonstrate the ability of the system to identify significant gene expression changes in thousands of human genes, including many that are not available for analysis on any other commercial system. We will show how combining the microarray results together with other tools such as the Celera Discovery System Online Platform (CDS), TaqMan®Gene Expression Assays, and the Panther™ Protein Classification system leads to an accurate and complete analysis of gene expression profiles in biological systems.

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