Genome Technology Center

DNA Suspension Arrays Based on Parallume Optical Encoding

Robert Haushalter
Parallel Synthesis Technologies

A new class of optically encoded materials, where optical codes are generated from the relative fluorescent intensity of multiple rare earth emitters, have been used to label and identify individual bead-based DNA and protein molecules within pooled samples. The Parallume materials are excited at a single wavelength and subsequently emit up to six colors into the visible spectral window, the relative intensity of which is used to generate optical codes with an experimentally determined multiplexing depth of over 10 billion individual samples. After discussion of the procedures used to attach biomolecules to the beads, the kinetics, selectivity and sensitivity of hybridizations of bead-attached oligonucleotides will be covered. Finally, the means by which the Parallume materials are read and decoded, including the use of our high speed, variable wavelength hyperspectral imaging system, will be discussed.


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