Genome Technology Center

Electro-active Microarrays for DNA detection and Antibody-based Immunoassays

Kilian Dill
Antara Biosciences

Biographical Information:

A.B. in Chemistry from Hunter College of CUNY (Park Ave., Manhattan). Ph.D. in Chemical Biology from Cal Tech. Postdoctoral research associate at Indiana University (protein NMR spectroscopy). Tenured faculty member in the chemistry graduate program at Clemson University. Consultant for the EPA and Medical Research and Development Command--U.S. Army. Sr. research scientist at Molecular Devices (LAPS detection technology). Group leader at CombiMatrix---pipeline group. Director of R & D at Protein Discovery Inc. (Oak Ridge, TN). Director at CombiMatrix in business development. Sr. Director of Corporate Development at Antara BioSciences. Author of ~110 papers & 11 Book chapters. Senior editor of a book on microarrays.


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