Genome Technology Center

Electronic Control of DNA Polymerase Function

Professor Mark Akeson
Department of Biomolecular Engineering, Baskin School of Engineering,University of California, Santa Cruz.

Biological nanopores can be used to examine the composition and structure of single DNA molecules. In this talk I will discuss new results from the nanopore group at U.C. Santa Cruz where we couple DNA polymerases to the alpha hemolysin pore. Under active voltage control, function of the Klenow fragment and of T7 DNA polymerase can be examined at less than 1 kHz bandwidth and at ~ 3 Angstrom spatial precision. I will also discuss the use of synthetic DNA oligomers designed to block DNA replication in bulk phase. When these oligomers are removed by the nanopore electric field, replication of each captured DNA template is activated thus permitting serial analysis of DNA templates at single nucleotide register.

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