Genome Technology Center

Novel Silicon Nanophotonic Structures for Ultra-compact Integrated Lab-on-a-chip Sensing

Ali Adibi
Director, Center for Advanced Processing-tools for Electromagnetic/acoustic Xtals (APEX), Associate Professor of Electrical Engineering School of Electrical and Computer Engineering Georgia Institute of Technology Atlanta, GA

The development of ultra-compact and sensitive sensing structures with minimal sample requirement for accurate sensing have been of great recent interest for multiple applications including bio and environmental sensing, chemical agent detection, and bio- threat detection. With recent advancement in the development of design and fabrication tools for photonic nanostructures, integrated photonic platforms are a strong candidate for the development of such sensing structures.

In this talk, I will first present the requirements for the development of photonic lab-on-a-chip sensing structures. I will then explain how these requirements are met by two recent developments in our group in the area of silicon photonics, i.e., ultra-high Q micro-resonators, and ultra-compact photonic crystal on-chip spectrometers with orders of magnitude smaller size compared to the other implementations with the same performance. These spectrometers are enabled by dispersion engineering in photonic crystal to simultaneously achieve the superprism effect, negative diffraction, and negative refraction. Details of the design of such structures along with their experimental demonstrations will be presented.

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